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Thanks for your interest in Breeding Ground for IELTS Preparation. We would recommend please learn/know about us before you make a decision to get admission here 🙂

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◼️ About our Course

This course is consisted of 23 Online classes. Before you get admitted, remember this course is associated with immense of study pressure such as daily Listening, Reading and Home work submission so that we can observe students' trend, growth and can identify where we have to work on to improve. Then we arrange personal counselling hour to discuss issues, lectures

◼️ What we Cover

1) We always put emphasize on grammar as this is the root of a language. We will cover Sentence Structure (how to make simple, compound, complex, compound complex sentences), Parts of Speech (Not only for Writing and Speaking, Also Very important for Reading and Listening), Subject Verb Agreement, Parallelism, TENSE (in the easiest way. you will never make a mistake after this class. Guaranteed), Voice Change (necessary for bringing different sentences so that every sentences do not look alike), If Conditional Sentence (we use a lot, but can not apply properly. Here we will learn how we can struct conditional sentences specially in past tense like Section 2 in Speaking module), Parallelism (The biggest error we usually make explicitly in Writing Module). We take 6-7 classes Max for Grammar and do lots of home works in order to internalize them properly. Remember, we learn them not English to Bangla, rather Bangla to English. Afterwards your homework will be checked by our expert Teaching Assistants so that you can improve more.
2) We learn how to apply tips and tricks for 4 modules followed by Listening, Speaking and Reading live solving to gether.
3) We will end up our course with a Career Counselling and Immigration Process session (for free)
4) The biggest advantage of this course is, We will make mandatory Speaking Practice Groups for daily Speaking practice so that you can continue even after the course.
6) We provide lecture sheets, power point slides and relavant effective materials.

◼️ Birth OF Breeding Ground

Its more than a pleasure to make ourselves introduced with you. Among many areas, I want to present my most relavant identity to show highest level of efficiency in this journey. I am a Graduate Teaching Assistant in University of Windsor (a public University located at Windsor, Canada) for 4 years. As I have to counsel masters students, mark their exam scripts, and organise course materials, I have acquired a proffesional experience over the time. This blend of skills and knowledge definitely helps our Bangladeshi IELTS candidates prepare and get a good score. Also, our other professional teachers from both Canada and Bangladesh have outstanding teaching and mentoring qualities that have been playing an influential role for successful IELTS score of our students. We do not just fill our responsibilities rather we take each of candidates with high priority.

◼️ Our belief

Honesty, Quality and hard work can bring success. Now on, keep in your mind that We must get 7 and we will get 7 in IELTS In Sha Allah.

◼️ Our Success

We have started our journey from December, 2020. Already we have students who secured 7.5,7, 6.5 with no band less than 6. You can also read their story in our Facebook Group - Breeding ground Official Group.

◼️ Class Time

Friday Morning 9:10am, Sunday Evening 7:30pm or 9:30pm, Wednesday Evening 7:30pm or 9:30pm

◼️ Our Course Fees and more details -

cotact on WhatsApp +16472349604

In order to get admitted please Contact on WhatsApp : +1 (647) 234-9604 Or Contact with our Admission Representatives

(ভর্তি সংক্রান্ত কোনো প্রশ্নের জন্য আমাদের মডারেটরদের সাথে যোগাযোগ করুন )

Our Admission Representatives

Sara Khan

Program Co-ordinator

Breeding Ground(IELTS)

Sarah Bintay Harun

Head of Admin

Breeding Ground(IELTS)

Adib Azman

Admission Representative

Breeding Ground(IELTS)

Hena Khatun

Admission Representative

Breeding Ground(IELTS)

Sharafat Nawaz Ovi

Admission Representative

Breeding Ground(IELTS)

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